Glass Campus Genesis

When I first started stained glass as a hobby more than 30 years ago I wanted to learn  everything I could about this fantastic art form.   Imagine my disappointment when I learned that most of the people that had the information I wanted refused to share it.   There was a dominant “trade guild” attitude with most glass artisans refusing to share their “trade secrets”.   Much worse, I soon learned that much of the information that was shared was intentionally deceptive – intended to encourage failure.   Added to this was a collective of “old wife’s tales” that had been passed along by people that had naively embraced the silly attitude, “We do it this way because we’ve always done it this way”.  

My personal philosophy towards teaching has always been to teach everything you know and to always tell the truth.  When I started participating in internet forums, I found it often wasn’t possible, or practical, to adequately answer questions in a few sentences so I started crafting comprehensive answers to “frequently asked questions” to cut and paste as answers.    As my collection of FAQs expanded, I added them to the DeBrady Glassworks website.   As it grew still further, and I started adding videos, projects, and patterns, I created Glass Campus specifically to provide free education. 

Glass Campus is, and will always be, what it started as – free open education for all to use.